First: Rethinking Everything

People who make it their business to tell us why bad news about the environment is really nothing to worry about usually get around to reciting one or another old predictions of ecological catastrophe that didn’t come true (predictions about overpopulation are an especial favorite).

I am not one of those people.

I believe that our current — our “traditional” — ways of thinking about and interacting with our environment are fundamentally flawed. Basically, they are too narrow: We are like someone trying to figure out what’s wrong with a poisoning vicitim by examining her cut finger.

And I think the consequences of such thinking have not only already been dire, but are almost certain to become moreso.

This blog is fundamentally going to be about broader, and better, ways to think about the world around us.

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One Response to First: Rethinking Everything

  1. Chris Potter says:

    Oh yeah, you’re a real environmentalist, pal. Look at you with your blog, using ELECTRICITY! Unless this thing is being powered by a hamster wheel — and unless you’re feeding that hamster organic sunflower seeds — I denounce you as a hypocrite. So there!

    Just trying to pre-empt any future criticism of this blog. No need to thank me.